Website ELANDd

This project is still being worked on.

I’ve already created several things for the organization, such as the logo and a few posters.

I’m really enjoying creating this website and hope to get the opportunity to make more websites in the future.

Wish card 2023

I created this illustration as a Christmas greeting for my family and friends.

I also converted it into a poster.

Lord Sigma

I gifted my friend this picture of his dog Sigma,  dressed in a noble suit.


Very fun project where I had to make an illustration for a bathrobe 

Bed frame poster

My friend wanted to give his newborn nephew a custom-made baby bed.


Logo for the tennis club Ronvau Raquettes Club


Logo for the non-profit organisation ELANDd


I got the chance to work on a variety of wedding-related projects:

  • The animation video to announce the wedding
  • The planning
  • The wedding invitation
  •  A customized Jenga

Birthday poster

This was both a gift for my dad’s birthday and retirement

Widowmaker poster

It was an university assignment. We had to mimic Shepard Fairey’s « Hope » in terms of style.
As a result, I chose to create the Overwatch character « Widowmaker. »

Final work's studies

For a fictional project, I had to make all the visuals.
I developed a mediaeval board game.

  • Logo
  • Posters
  • Promotional video
  • Graphic charter

You may find the pdf of my final work’s studies below.


This was for a journalism’s final work